Through the Looking Glass (issue 1)

The Newsletter for BONKERS Alice in Wonderland Fans

Bonkers offers and mad ideas and unique products. Join us in our quest to become the best provider of Alice in Wonderland inspired products. If you're bonkers you've come to the right place.

Sat here at home looking out at the freezing ice and snow waiting for the heater in the workshop to do its work and unfreeze everything enough for us to carry on making new and amazing things for the weeks ahead. I'm looking back at the last few weeks and amazed at how much work has been done. A new website, a new online shop and this our first newsletter. Busy times ahead.

Confirmed Stockton Dates

We are attending Chic Vintage Events in 2018 organised by the amazing Louise. Located right in the heart of Stockton High Street in a giant marquee so big you must be bonkers to miss it.

  • Saturday 7th April

  • Saturday 6th October

Newcastle Quayside Market

We now have a spot right in the heart of this historic world famous market. Each Sunday from 9 am to around 3.30 pm you can come along and find us and our amazing things.

  • Save postage by collecting online sales in person

  • Our widest range of products in one place

Watch a film covering the amazing real world of Lewis Carroll and lean how it all began.

Curious things is...
There are many influences from the north east of England within the writting of Lewis Carroll. Carroll's sisters Mary and Elizabeth lived in Sunderland  after Mary married the Reverend Charles Collingwood.

In the book 'A Town Like Alice's' historian Michael Bute says her ancestors' heraldic shields at Hylton Castle might have inspired the chess moves Carroll had his heroine make. Carroll regularly visited cousins in Whitburn, in Tyne and Wear. On one beach walk he is said to have met a carpenter and supposedly came across a stuffed walrus in the town.

go behind the scenes of the 2016 film of Alice

coming in next month's edition - behind the scenes in our workshop and crafting area